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Dr. Gregory

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Gregory is currently practicing in Duluth inside of Planet Fitness, To reach Dr. Gregory please call 678-527-0848 or visit him at
Dr. Gregory has been in private practice for fifteen years specializing in musculoskeletal rehabilitation with an emphasis in the area of golf and other sports related injuries.

He's been a chiropractor for Senior PGA Tour, PGA Tour, Hooter's Tour, Tear Drop Tour and Nike Tour players
As well as providing health and fitness seminars on such topics as Strength and Conditioning, Golf Swing Biomechanics, Injury Prevention at many country clubs through the years.

He has appeared on the Golf Channel covering topics such as: Stretching, Golf Exercises, Golf Injury Rehabilitation, Preventative Measures and is currently a Titleist Performance Institute certified fitness instructor.

Recently back to private practice, he is now focusing on sports chiropractic, but treats many other conditions including:

  • headaches
  • Shoulder pain/injuries
  • ankle pain/injuries
  • wrist pain/injuries
  • pediatric care
  • low back pain
  • muscle pain/spasm
  • chronic pain

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